Thousands Of People Have An AWESOME
Photo Camera 
But Only A Few Know
How To REALY Use It 

Is your camera a DSLR, mirrorless, SLR, a high performance point&shoot camera and so on?
Then your camera is awesome!

Dear friend,

I’ve often been told that it’s not the camera that makes a good photo, but it’s the eye of the photographer. While this is entirely true, the camera itself becomes a limitation for the photographer’s eye if it’s not used properly! I’m not saying that you should buy the camera with the highest performance (and therefore most expensive one) in order to ensure your pictures are good. On the contrary: you can have that unique camera and still shoot bad pictures.
The key is to KNOW HOW TO USE IT!

Let me show you how using certain manual settings can make the difference between a dull picture and one that grabs attention.

  • Have you ever wondered what settings were used for a certain photograph that you saw on the web?
  • Did you get frustrated when a photo didn’t turn out the way you expected it to be?
  • Have you ever thought that maybe you need to learn more about setting up your camera before shooting?

If the answer to those questions is YES, then you are on the right path to becoming a better photographer.

How about another example?…


and another one….

Do you still wonder what these examples have in common? Let me say it again: it’s the simple change of camera settings! It’s something that you can easily do yourself if you learn how to take control of your awesome camera.

Here Are The Three Most Important Things That Stop You From Shooting Better Pictures

but-dis-1 A DSLR camera looks far more complicated than the majority of cameras out there. Lots of beginners are often even afraid to touch certain functions, thinking they could mess up the settings. The truth is: that’s actually not such a bad thing! It means that all of those buttons and functions on the body are there to help you get amazing shots. The whole point of Digital SLR cameras, and as of latest some mirrorless cameras, is for the user to set everything according to their needs.
but-dis-2 A classic camera manual teaches you how to use the camera, not how to photograph. Most of the people I know struggle to obtain the best settings because that manual only tells you what each button means and where it is located. There is hardly any reference to help you achieve the best photographic results, and an in-deep explanation of what the buttons do.
but-dis-3 Discovering the potential of your camera by yourself takes time.
If you rely solely on the basic manual offered by the camera manufacturer, and the articles you search on the web, it will take a long while for you to fully understand the functions of your camera and their potential, let alone to use them at the right time and with the best values. In fact, you might miss some powerful tricks!

Most of the people who struggle with those impediments think about enrolling into expensive photography classes. There, they expect the super-expert teacher to do miracles with all of the students at the same time.

It’s not going to happen. I had people telling me that they learned more from BetterPhotosAcademy.com than they learned during a class training. See for yourself:

“Laura’s teachings are better than classroom courses in Hong-Kong!”

There’s no need for you to go through the frustration of unanswered questions, because I prepared a COMPLETE Technical Photography Manual, and I’ll be with you all the way!


Photography classes are usually focused on complete beginners,
on specific subjects such as portrait photography and nature photography.

This manual, however, will cover the basic notions, but also more advanced ones,
all the notions are exemplified with situations from all types of photography. Even astrophotography!

You won’t need anything else. Click here to get the ebook!

The Key Benefits Of The Complete Technical Photography Manual

but-ben-1 This ebook is the only complete extension of your camera manual that’s visually explained. Every camera setting is exemplified with info-graphics and samples so you can see the effect of each changes and learn to decide what’s best for every circumstance. It’s not just plain text that enters your mind as you read and leaves you to experiment it’s meaning.
but-ben-2 You will learn all the technical details needed to evolve from taking mere snapshots to creating beautiful photographs. Don’t let the word ‘technical’ scare you. While this manual is indeed technical, and talks about specific photography terms, everything is easy to understand due to the clearness and simplicity of the explanations.
but-ben-3 With the information from this book, you’ll take complete control of your camera and next time you take a picture, you will know what settings will provide the best result. In other words, you’ll learn to step out of the comfort zone of the ‘auto’ mode, and enjoy the flexibility and possibilities of the ‘manual’ mode.
but-ben-4 The detailed explanation of each camera function is well-structured, starting with a definition, and ending with a little-known trick that can be applied with it. This way, every photography passionate, from beginner to advanced, can benefit from the information.

Moreover, since I want to make sure that the theory learned is easily applied on field…

The package contains cheat sheets that provide additional clear visual explanation of the application of different settings and functions, and are also easy to print and carry with you in your travel bag for future reference. Amateur photographers and even pros can easily benefit from these cheat sheets as it is a resource for fresh and new ideas.

Here Are Some Of The Things You Will Master After Reading
This eBook

  • You will understand how the camera works (the Anatomy of the Camera) – page 22
  • You will learn how to obtain perfectly exposed pictures (learn about the Exposure Triangle factors) – page 30
  • You will learn to control the Aperture (page 37), Shutter Speed (page 42), Depth of Field (page 47)
  • You will be able to manually adjust the Focus (page 66), ISO (page 54), White Balance (page 71),
    Metering (page 62)
  • You will know how to check if the photo you took is well exposed (interpret a Histogram) – page 76
  • You will be able to take photos than ca easily be edited at a later stage
    (understand what a RAW File is) – page 86
  • You will find out how to capture the perfect moment (how to use Burst/Drive Mode) – page 79
  • You will discover how to overcome difficult lighting situations (how to use Bracketing) – page 75
  • You will be able to customize your FN button, after learning about it’s importance – page 90
  • You will learn how to properly lit the scene use the built-in Flash – page 81
    • how to use Fill Flash
    • how to use Flash Compensation
    • how to use and make a Diffuser
    • how to use Slow Sync Flash

And I’m telling you there’s much much more! Everything you must learn to take better photos with your camera is in this ebook. There are 120 pages full of explanation for every notion, all of which will help you get crisp, clear shots.

This Is What You’ll Get TODAY:

  • A 120 pages ebook full of clear and in-deep explanation of all camera functions
  • Over 60 infographics and images, plus another 11 cheat sheets
  • Additional information about lenses and accessories
  • Secret tips & tricks that only experienced photographers know

I’m going to give this to you for a price as low as 37$.
The information from this ebook is far more valuable! You’re going to invest much less than you would spend on a long-time course or on a stack of other incomplete books.

If you see something worth shooting, this manual is THE KEY that unlocks the knowledge of taking a great picture. It’s a THE KEY indeed, because it give you the CONFIDENCE of using your camera in the RIGHT way!

Your Money Will Be Returned At The Click Of A Mouse Button If You’re Unhappy

60 day guaranteeListen, here’s the thing: I sell this ebook through Clickbank, which means I play by their rules. And their rules state that I’ve got to offer you a 60 days, money back guarantee. I’m fine with that. I stand behind my materials completely and know you’ll be completely thrilled with the content and, more importantly, the results.
However, for your peace of mind, know that a refund is available anytime for the next 60 days by simply emailing me or Clickbank if you are dissatisfied for any reason. If you are not satisfied I will buy it back from you!

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bonus-render-small Together with the Complete Technical Photography Manual, you will receive a FREE BONUS that will help you apply all this technical knowledge to 48 situations!A Tale by the Frozen Lake” is a 50 pages ebook that explains how 48 pictures (of all kind: landscape, low-light, macro, moving subjects, etc.) were taken and processed.You’ll receive, for each of these pictures, an explanation for the composition choice, the EXIF Data, the cropping that was applied to the original shot, as well as a list of photo enhancements done in the post-processing stage.

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All the best,

Laura Fechete

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