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4 Months Photography Training:
How to take better photos. Quick and Easy! (16 lessons for Beginners and Intermediates)
Complete Technical Photography Manual (for any camera and any photographer!) – over 100 pages plus cheat sheets  A 68 pages eBook full of valuable information for Senior Beginners
Introduction to Digital Photography
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 4 eBooks Package available only as bonus in the 4 months training  Advanced Photo-Editing Techniques – Available only as bonus in the 4 months training  A 55 pages eBook that teaches you how to shoot in different situations
(Free bonus in the 4 months training)
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FREE!!! – This is your start right here FREE Seasonal Bonus – Available in June, so don’t miss out! Learn about the style of successful photographers – Available only as bonus in the 4 months training
Home studio advanced photo techniques – Available only as bonus in the 4 months training 48 Pictures explained
– Available only as bonus with the Technical Manual.
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Learn how to create special effects with and WITHOUT the use of computer editing software Learn how to quickly and easily edit your photos Start earning money as a photographer: learn how to sell stock photos
Want to get Pro? Check out the Wedding Photography Blueprint video course

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